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Organic Popping Corn - "All puff and no rough" - SOLD OUT FOR 2014.  We will have more next season.

An unusual place to find organic popcorn (on our garlic website!!) but we are branching out a bit.  This popcorn is non hybrid and pops a treat. 

We say it is “all puff and no rough”.  It has less roughage than other commercial popcorns.

We are packaging this popcorn in 500g bags at $5 per bag plus postage.  Popcorn gourmands will be delighted with it.

History of “Ontos Oval” popcorn as told by “Farmer Fred”


I came to Australia in 1974 from my small farm in Arkansas, USA.  I brought with me a wide selection of vegetable and grain seeds that I knew did not exist in Australia.  Since clearing them through quarantine, I have been growing them ever since on my farm in Victoria near the Snowy River.

This Ontos Oval popcorn was one of those seeds and I have always liked it because the seed kernels are white and an oval shape and they are more tender when popped than the yellow kernel varieties.  I like to say it is “all puff and no rough” – not as many crusty bits to get caught in your teeth.  

It is not a hybrid corn and not genetically modified. I have had this seed since before GM was invented.  I believe you will enjoy this popcorn.